About us – History

  • history1
  • 1930

    After years at sea Capt. Johannes Poulsen settles in Korsoer and establishes Shipbroker J. Poulsen, with main focus on ships agency, stevedoring and warehousing.

  • 1942

    Finn Poulsen, son of Johannes Poulsen, takes over Shipbroker J. Poulsen still focusing on ships agency, stevedoring and warehousing.

  • 1948

    The company adds chartering/brokering and forwarding to their business segments.

  • 1952history2

    Shipbroker J. Poulsen is appointed Lloyd’s sub agent, a position the company still holds today.

  • 1965

    The company is officially appointed chartering agent for various Danish shipowners.

  • 1972

    Third generation, Finn J. Poulsen, takes over management of Shipbroker J. Poulsen.

  • 1972

    The company’s first owned vessel MV “Else Cat”, built at Frederikshavn Vaerft and Toerdok, is delivered. The vessel is a 1060 DWAT shelterdecker with 2 booms of each 10 mt capacity.

  • 1976

    Korsoer Handel & Transport is founded. The main focus for KHT is stevedoring, manpower and facility services.

  • 1979

    The newbuilding MV “Karin Cat” joins the fleet Sakskøbing 1200 DWAT with 2 booms of each 10 mt capacity.

  • 1982

    Great Belt Agencies is established offering agency services at the port of Stigsnaes/Gulfhavn.

  • 1984

    MV ”Gretl” joins the fleet. The vessel was built at Sietas Shipyard in Germany, a Sietas 111A type with 2 cranes of each 35 mt capacity.

  • 1988 – 1998

    J. Poulsen & KHT supply manpower, equipment and facilities to various contractors during construction of the Great Belt Bridge which connects the islands Sealand and Funen.

  • 1990

    MV “Sea Bird” is delivered from HDW Nobiskrug Shipyard in Rendsburg, Germany. The vessel is a 4000 DWAT tweendecker with 2 cranes of each 50 mt capacity.

  • 1992

    MV “Ocean Bird” is delivered from HDW Nobiskrug. The vessel is a sistervessel to the MV “Ocean Bird”.

  • 1993

    MV “Star Bird” joins the fleet, the vessel is an improved “Sea Bird”-type with additional cargo and crane capacity.

  • 2015

    Shipbroker J. Poulsen changes its name to JP Agencies, the company remains under the ownership of the Poulsen family.